Yiwu is known worldwide as the capital of small commodities. Yiwu international trade city, also called Yiwu Futian market, is the largest small commidities market in the world. This market is unimaginably colossal that it will take you months to visit every single shop. Every year, Yiwu attracts hundreds of thousands of  visitors from every corner of the world. Yiwu small commodity wholesale market is located in Yiwu City, central Zhejiang Province. Founded in 1982, it is considered one of the earliest professional markets established in China. With 75,000 booths spread over 5.5 million square metres, the Yiwu Market is a one-stop destination for every conceivable kind of article

This huge market complex is divided into five districts and each district has various sections. Each section is a complete market in itself for specific products, including daily groceries, toys, clothing, jewelry, furniture, and home furnishing categories.

District 1

The first floor is mainly engaged in flowers, flower accessories, plush toys, inflatable toys, electric toys, and common toys. The second floor is mainly for hair ornaments and jewelry. The third floor is for festive crafts, decorative crafts, porcelain crystal,  frames, and accessories. The fourth floor is the direct sales center for manufacturing enterprises. At present, there are special blocks such as the Taiwan Merchants Hall, Dehua District of the Southern Porcelain Capital, Shenzhen Original Gift District, etc.

District 2

The first floor deals with luggage, umbrellas, ponchos, and bags. The second floor deals with hardware tools, accessories, electrical products, locks, and vehicles. The third floor deals with hardware kitchen and bathroom, small household appliances, telecommunications equipment, electronic instruments, clocks, and much more. The fourth floor is for high-quality trading areas such as production enterprise direct sales center and local characteristic hall. Set up foreign trade procurement service center on the fifth floor. Centralized procurement center on the second and third floors of the central hall of the market.

District 3

The first floor of the third district is special for pen and ink supplies, paper products and glasses. The second floor is for office and school supplies and sports and leisure products and sports equipment. The third floor is specialized for cosmetics, zippers, buttons, and clothing accessories. The fourth floor is the direct sales center for production enterprises. The fifth floor deals with painting business (Decorative paintings, photo frame accessories and processing machinery).

District 4

The first floor of this district is for socks. The second floor is for daily necessities, gloves, hats, and other knitted cotton. The third floor deals with footwear, cords, laces, ties, wool, and towels. The fourth floor is for bras, underwear, belts, and scarves. The fifth floor is a direct sales center for production enterprises and a tourist shopping center.

District 5

This district has more than 7,000 booths, mainly for imported commodities, bedding, textiles, knitting raw materials, auto supplies and accessories, and other industries. The market has a dedicated service area for online merchants.

Definitely, Yiwu wholesale market is full of opportunities. Regardless of the nature of your business, Yiwu is a must-visit city. Jtahed is a Yiwu-based company that specializes in the sourcing of products. If you have any queries about Yiwu or have a plan to visit Yiwu, please feel free to contact us. We will provide a free consultation and arrange properly for your Yiwu visit.